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Optimum Linkup Support Service updates & Information

If you are reading this, then most probably you are our client and you noticed the recent changes we did on our support system. In our efforts to provide better and more effective support service we had to make some improvements and small restrictions which still fully comply with our license agreement. So, in the end, we believe that you all will keep receiving the high-level of support you are used to!


Here is a list of changes:


1) it’s no longer possible to log in the helpdesk.optimumlinkup.com.ng support system where clients from all our brands (Optimum Linkup) were able to communicate with us. Instead, you will have to use your optimumlinkup.com.ng account to view your past orders, download products, browse through support tickets and contact us. In fact, up until now, you could use both places to message us so if you used helpdesk.optimumlinkup.com.ng only you can still use your login details to log-in Optimum Linkup account.


If you do not know your login details use https://www.optimumlinkup.com.ng/user/forgot to obtain them. 


2) we changed the Contact Us page and when you contact us, you will be asked to first log in your account. This will help us track your support requests easier and have all your questions assigned to your account. 


3) when a new support ticket is sent clients will have the option to choose its type - Technical request, Pre-sale or Quote ticket - and also select the product which the ticket is about. We will closely monitor if tickets are properly submitted and our support system will automatically close incorrectly marked tickets. For example, Technical Request ticket for Product ABC but within the ticket questions about Product XYZ are asked. 


4) from now on, all tickets which are inactive for more than 10 days will automatically be closed. You can still view the messages but won’t be able to restart the discussion. A new ticket has to be started instead.


5) as per our license agreement (no matter User or Developer license) we provide free support service for 1 year after the date of purchase. Although for all these years we tried to provide free lifetime support for all our products it’s practically impossible to continue doing it. Being 12+ years in business and having more than 35 000 clients we recently started to see the snowball effect in place for our support operations. The increased number of support requests concerning expired licenses causes long delays for customers who are still within the 12 months free support period. Of course, we realize that customers may need support and so we are now offering $39 per year support service. So if you need support after the first year you can purchase an extra support credit and take advantage of our high-left support service as usual. See what's included in our support service here.

6) And last, we will be soon offering special pricing for our products which does not include support and with the new support payment scheme, it will be possible for clients to decide if they want to pay for support service or not.

Support service is one of the things that we are really proud of and I hope that with the recent changes we will make it even more effective!

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