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Are you interested in taking PHP scripts to the next level!

Technology never stands still, and as a software developer, we know you are used to using the best technology available. So we've spent a lot of time and effort on creating the new generation of Optimum Linkup scripts.  We are happy to announce the coming release of CodeIgniter 4, laravel 7 and many more. See animation below for some of the key new features:


Some of you probably remember all the different scripts that we’ve created in the past. Let us remind you how they looked back then :)  20 years experience, over 50, 000 clients, more than 20, 000 custom projects - make a difference!

New goals after this point

We hope that you're excited to have our new framework in your hands and are looking forward to using it and exploring its new features and many improvements! In the coming weeks, we will be posting updates and more details about all the new features. We also expect to have at least two products using the new framework later this month. (Update: The first script is Multi-branch school.


Q: Can I upgrade my old scripts?

A: The new framework requires new database structure and core code, and hence the upgrade will not be possible. You will need to make a fresh installation.


Q: Is upgrade free?

A: As this is a major upgrade and as per our licence agreement you can obtain new versions with 50% discount. If you purchase a script from today onwards, its upgrade will be free when the new version of it is released so you better purchase current version as the new will be with higher prices!

Q: How long will it take to upgrade all products?

A: As this is a major upgrade and requires a lot of resources we expect to upgrade just a few scripts per month. We will start with the most popular one! 

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